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About Us

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Bakery story

Fardan and Sheron 

Founders/Main Bakers


  • East West Bakery is more than a love of baking its a love story between husband and wife team , Fardan  and Sheron . Fardan is from the East (Bangledesh) and Sheron  is from the West (Guyana South America). Both of us grew up in America , so we decided to combine our exotic backgrounds of baking from the East and the West. This has resulted in unique baking goods for you to enjoy!

• Started in 2015

We met and found that we both loved cooking and baking together. We also are both very artistic and creative


We continued making baked goods from our home countries Guyana and Bangledesh then combined the recipes with American baked goods and brought them to dinner parties that our friends hosted. Everyone love them and said you should start your own bussiness

• 2019

We developed a list of popular products that people loved to eat and we made them for special events and they were very popular and we continue to grow

Pink Sugar


Our team

Fardan and Sheron


Homemade with Love



To create uniqiue well baked goods  East and West cultures with an artistic design


©2019 Bakers Delight

Washington, DC. Northern Virginia. Maryland, Internet Ordering  Coming Soon!

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